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how to be more productive

In the last 10 years, I’ve created and delivered digital marketing strategies for a range of businesses across the globe. My multilingual skills have secured me jobs with companies and individuals in Europe, the USA, Australia and Africa.

I’ve shared my knowledge in an academic environment, with C-level business executives, and at international mastermind forums.

Over the years I found that there was a big overlap between marketing and life. This has naturally led me to merge my digital marketing and life coaching skills. I have developed a unique framework that helps my clients to get more out of their businesses and their lives.

By working with me, my clients are sure to get what it says on the tin. My clients’ successes are my success and I strive to get them results. I put my name on all my work – I do everything with Enthusiasm, Love and Integrity.

10Years of experience
56Companies helped
3Organisations supported