Stoyan Yankov
Stoyan YankovProductivity & Performance Expert

She’s an ultimate high performer in anything she does.
I had the pleasure to work with Eli, and she helped me a number of times with strategic marketing consulting. She’s both solid on strategy and operational.
She has tremendous experience in leading clients’ projects, and her creativity allows her to thrive in producing high results with limited available resources.
A true maximizer, a creative strategist with unseen professional ethics.
Highly recommend her for any company who is looking for stable growth.

Danielle Brown MBE
Danielle Brown MBEParalympic Archery Champion

Technology is not something I have a huge amount of knowledge about (although I am willing to learn!) and you have taught me so much already. I really do appreciate everything you have done. Thank you!

Nicky Massey
Nicky MasseyOwner of DesRes Home

I was recommended to Eli in December 2018 by a (well known) company that was using her consultancy services. After a brief chat with one of their employees, his response was ‘you don’t need us, you need to speak to Eli’, and the rest is history. I can quite honestly say that it was the best introduction I’ve ever had!

Eli, gave me the time to explain my situation, listened intently, asked lots of questions then agreed to investigate things further and come back to me. She did and with a plan on how making several changes would improve the current status of my business and move it in the right direction.

I found Eli to be very professional, timely and thorough in her judgements, decisions and execution of work. She is a delight to work with and would fit into any size or type of business, from Corporate to SME. Her expertise in SEO in particular, is outstanding along with her other business marketing skills.

Eli can communicate easily on a one-one basis or large group situations and making things easy to understand is most definitely one of her talents. She is straight forward, honest and has integrity, which makes it easy to invite her to work in your business.
Why do I speak so highly about Eli? Over several years, I have worked with SEO and marketing companies who have failed to deliver even the simplest of tasks correctly, in full and at great cost; leaving me disappointed, cheated and nervous about engaging again with A.N. Other. Eli couldn’t be more different. She has consulted and guided me through difficult tasks and assisted me in taking my business in the right direction. I received a 5* experience from Eli and she deserves a 5* review.

Eli and I are still working together and long may this continue.