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Unshakeable: Review of the latest book from Tony Robbins

Disclaimer: I’m no certified critic and the book review below is what I’d tell my friends about the book.

Book summary

Early this year (Feb 2017) the business strategist Tony Robbins published his new book Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

The book aimed to help people make money in times when markets go down. The book is written by Tony with the contribution of Peter Mallouk, a world-class financial advisor and businessman. The book contains insights into how the best investors in the world, like Warren Buffett, have created their portfolio and how they’re managing to make money even when the economy crashes. In fact, what the book teaches is that it’s exactly in the times when markets are down great investors make the most of their money. It’s easy to make money when things are going up, but it takes skills, patience and unshakeable attitute to do so when markets are plummeting.

Main points of the book

In general, it’s a great book and even if you’re not living in the US, there are still principles that you can apply in your life when dealing with investments. In fact, if you’d like to look beyond the financial meaning of the book, you can focus on the general idea that when everyone is panicking that things are not going to plan, you can stay strong and still be better off, emotionally and financially. There are times in people’s lives when things look as bad as the financial crisis. As long as you stay loyal to yourself, know your values and what you stand for, you can still make it.

There were a couple of times throughout the book, when the focus was on 401k, a retirement plan available in the US. As I live in the UK, this didn’t really relate to me and I caught my attention going elsewhere whilst reading through those paragraphs. I felt bad for not being fully immersed by the book, as I’m a great admirer of everything Tony does and stands for. I have since read reviews for the book on Amazon and people have shared similar feedback, i.e. that the book is too US focused. Again,
if you don’t get stuck on the fact that you don’t quite get what 401k is, you’ll be able to easily follow the other stories in the book.

Unshakeable assets

There is a dedicated website for the book www.unshakeable.com that has further assets, if you find the topic interesting and of use. There you will find a link to Tony’s podcast talking about Unshakeable, as well as a link to the dedicated app.

The free Unshakeable app will give you access to content and tools designed by Tony Robbins and his team, Those include:

  • financial dreams calculator
  • resources for finding a financial advisor
  • tools to uncover the fees in your 401(K), if you have it
  • the Unshakeable podcast series
    • The app is only available on iTunes at the moment. Hopefully, an Android version will be released in due course.

      Unshakeable reviews from the web

      Since the launch of the book, many people have read it and below are some snippets showing what others say. That way you don’t have to only trust my opinion and judgement of the book.

      Overall rating: 5*


      I’d strongly recommend reading the book. Tony always has an intriguing and engaging way to tell stories and to impact our lives.

      Last but not least, Tony has decided to donate all profits from the book to Feeding America as part of the 100 Million More Meals Challenge. This means that whilst you’re enriching your lives, you know you’re helping others live a better life too. One book will give 50 meals to people who need them.

      If you’re interested in buying the book, head off to Amazon and get your copy now!

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